What they said about her

* Bent El Bahr is considered among Tunisian writer women the most distinguished ones. Her writings reached the most extraordinary milestones of Tunisian female literature. Her style reflects a flowered transparent poeticity of passage reflecting an infinite delicacy and hypersensitiveness. In her writings, the word itself would break the silence.
Dr Mohamed El Bardi

* It is probable that “The nudity” is the first Tunisian novel treating the Palestinian question. It is a moving, painful, bewildering writing…I must admit that I shiver while reading certain passages.
Rached Abou Chawer

*In the “Ways of escaping”, the perspicacity of the writer is translated by a language able to clarify the tiniest details. This novel is distinguished by a daring knowledge which is very scarce. The novel witnesses and arab world that’s happily directed to an ineluctable death. Also witnesses by its writing an act of resistance, offering a part of clemency and softness.
Dr Fayçal Darraj

*What an ecstasy that invades you when you immerge , despite your will in the 3Ways of escaping”!
Amel Moussa

*We can only be amazed by that virtuosity thanks to what Bent El Bahr makes the self and innerself coexist. Like she marries the being with the appearing! What parallelism between individual and collective problems! If the reader is so attracted by the “Ways of escaping” ! It’s thanks to the novelist’s courage.
Dr Mohamed El Kadhi

* It’s a real pleasure “ Ways of escaping”! The novel makes you happy, dear reader, leads you to the identification with the heroine, Chouroud, a delicate character broken into small fragments!
Amel Mokhtar

*The experience calls the novelist Bent El Bahr to the edges of dream and human zones very amazingly. Far from any shadow or marginality, the narration takes origin in a delicious and conscious world.
Khaled Férid Ghazi

*“The little girl commited suicide” is the most beautiful experience of a novelist, faithfull to the heritage of a new Tunisia. Though not being prolific, her novels are exceptional. Abderrahman
Abderrahmane Majid Errabii